22 Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Magelang

Magelang is still widely used as a choice of tourist options to fill the holidays. Many people do not know that Magelang Tourism actually has a million beautiful charms that are attractive, charming places that are actually difficult to match with another. there are 22 beautiful tourist destinations in Magelang.

In addition to aiming for a vacation, you can also learn while you are studying, because there are also many historical relics that we need to know. There are also a number of lakes, high mountains, and village economic centers with various flavors of each. The following are the latest and current Magelang Tourism choices:

22 Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Magelang

1. Punthuk Setumbu

One of the locations to enjoy the beauty of the city of Magelang from a height is the Punthuk Setumbu tourist attraction. From here you can also enjoy the charm of the beauty of Borobudur Temple.

It turns out that when viewed from a height, Magelang has many exciting tourist destinations that we need to visit. And it seems to explore all tours in Magelang is not enough if only in one day.

Location: Jl Borobudur Ngadiharjo, Kuruhan, Karangrejo, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours (Saturday – Sunday), 04.00 – 17.00 WIB (Monday – Friday).

Ticket Prices: IDR 20,000 – IDR 50,000.


2. BPK RI Museum

The BPK RI Museum is a Magelang Tourism which offers a vehicle in the form of very interesting education from several rooms in it. Like the Lobby Room, BPK Room, BPK Face Room, Track Record Room, Chairperson’s Room, Kids Museum and many other interesting rooms that you must try.

Location: Jl. Diponegoro No. 1, Magelang City, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 09.00 – 15.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 3,000.


3. Greenden Hill

Grenden Hill is the starting point of the ascent which is the closest to the Merbabu peak. This of course will make you a guarantee that you will be captivated by the charm of nature and the coolness of the air.

This dense pine forest shrouded in fog will welcome you here. In addition, the pine forest also has many choices of spots to take pictures with unique and interesting results. Like the dwarf house, viewing post, and gazebo with knick-knacks.

Location: Pogolan Village, Pakis Village, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Prices: IDR 7,500 (Monday – Friday), IDR 12,500 (Saturday and Sunday).


4. Silancur View Post

Every morning the sun will rise in the west from behind Mount Merbabu. At noon the city of Magelang can be seen dimly from behind the clouds. Truly from behind the clouds! So if we look at the city of Magelang from above the sky.

Not only that, the beauty will be even more amazing when the day enters the afternoon towards evening at sunset. The stunning city lights are clearly visible from up here. This place is perfect for adding to your photo album collection. Curious right?

Location: Dadapan Hamlet, Mangli Village, Kaliangkrik District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


5. Bukit Rhema (Chicken Church)

Don’t know why Rama and Cinta chose this abandoned church in the hills of Borobudur as their reunion place in the film Ada Apa With Cinta 2. What is clear is that this building has its own specialties.

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The uniqueness of the Chicken Church is at the top of Bukit Rhema. Thanks to its uniqueness, Magelang Tourism has been known throughout the world. Here you can see a panoramic view of the green mountains and look very beautiful.

So, let’s take your time to witness the silent witnesses of Cinta and Rangga.

Location: Gembong Hamlet, Kembanglimus Village, Borobudur District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 05.00 – 17.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


6. Curug Silawe

A waterfall that flows towards the rocks in the middle of beautiful trees with a height of about 50m. Silawe’s name is taken from the word spider, so it has nothing to do with height.

To get here you have to pass through a cemented footpath and descending stairs. The view of the water falling from a height and the clear water make you can’t stand to want to play in it.

Location: Kopeng Hamlet, Sutopati Village, Kajoran District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


7. Slandak Cave

Another exciting tourist spot is Goa Slandak, located in the cool hills. Before entering it you will first pass through a beautiful pine forest and there are also guards such as hedgehogs and gorillas.

Wait a minute! Don’t be afraid first, because the waitstaff there are friendly and can also be invited to take pictures. After passing through the pine forest, you will find Slandak Cave, the waterfall that is side by side.

Location: Grogol Hamlet, Muneng Warangan Village, Pakis District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Price: IDR 3,000.


8. Selogriyo Temple

This temple is indeed a bit expensive and needs a little effort to be able to achieve it. But that is the uniqueness of the Sologriyo Temple. Where else can you enjoy a temple that looks antique and attractive.


Apart from the antique and unique buildings, the wide courtyard, the cool air, and beautiful mountain views will welcome your arrival after struggling to get to this place. Near the temple there is a spring and it is said to be able to make young people. Curious right?

Location: Selogriyo Hamlet, Candisari Village, Windusari District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 3,000.


9. Umbul Temple Hot Springs

Umbul Temple is the newest tourist attraction in Magelang which is visited by many tourists. This place is probably the oldest bathhouse in Indonesia, as a subscription location for the sons and daughters of nobles. More or less has been operating since the 8th century.

This bath has 2 pools, top and bottom. The top contains hot water and the bottom contains cold water. Because the water contains sulfur, the hot water is able to treat skin diseases, and improve blood circulation.

Location: Kertoharjo Village, Grabag District, Magelang Regency.

Opening Hours: 06.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 3,000.


10. mah Pring

Omah Pring if interpreted in Indonesian is “bamboo house”. Here there are many unique bamboo houses located on the cliff side and directly opposite Kali Progo.

The architecture of this building is befriended by the lush greenery, the chirping of birds and the sound of running water which makes the romance unrivaled. In addition to vacationing and having fun, you can also learn to make batik, play with bamboo, or just eat in the gazebo enjoying the fresh air.

Location: Candirejo Tourism Village, Borobudur District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 10,000.


11. Keep Pass

Ketep Pass Tourism is located on Sawangan Hill which is directly opposite Mount Merapi. This place provides a wide viewing post and binoculars to make your vacation more exciting and memorable.

Also take the time to visit the Volcanology Museum which contains a miniature of Mount Merapi and its rock eruptions, complete with photos of the eruption of Mount Merapi from various periods.

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Location: Ketep Village, Sawangan District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 06.00 – 17.00 WIB.

Ticket Prices: IDR 8,000 per person, IDR 7,000 (theatre volcana), IDR 3,000 (binoculars)


12. Mount Gono Hill

Mount Gono Hill is a tourist destination that has recently been developed into the latest and most modern tourism in Magelang city. Here you will be treated to two phenomenal mountains, namely Merbabu and Merapi, bamboo platforms with wide views of rice fields. You can make this place to take beautiful and amazing sunrise and sunset photos.

Location: Banyubiru Village, Dukun District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


13. Spring Mudal

This lake or spring is awarded with the clarity of its crystal-clear water. So that the sand in the bottom can be seen clearly. Even though the depth of this spring is around the waist of an adult.

The source of water that always flows makes the water circulation better so that the clarity of the water is maintained. If you want to take pictures in the water, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt because the bottom is soft sand. So free to take selfies.

Location: Need Kulon Hamlet, Sawangan District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 07.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


14. Mendut Temple

cheap travel magelang

An interesting tourist destination in Magelang is Mendut Temple. Apart from traveling, you can also learn about history from the story of Roro Mendut, who came from a village and had an unfortunate fate because he had a very beautiful face.

You can find many historical relics here. The uniqueness and diversity of culture in Indonesia is recognized as a history that has high value.

Location: Jl. Mayor Kusem, Mendut Village, Mungkid City, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 07.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


15. Cepogo Viewpoint

The Cepogo Viewpoint is the newest tourist destination in Magelang which is currently popular among young people. With its special icon in the form of love, this place is used as a means to take pictures with couples who are in love.

This tour is already quite a lot of people know because its existence quickly circulated widely through social media. Although this tour is still relatively new, many people are curious to visit there.

Location: Girimulyo Village, Windusari District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 08.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


16. Camera House

Magelang tourism that is no less cool is the Camera House. Just looking at the shape of the building makes visitors curious. The founder of this Camera House is a painter named Pak Tonggol.

The shape of this building is like a giant SLR camera, although this camera cannot take photos like a real camera, but inside the building there are unique and very interesting photo objects. In it you will be treated to a variety of unique and funny paintings, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional that can deceive the eye when you see it.

Location: Majaksingi Village, Borobudur District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 08.00 – 19.00 WIB.

Ticket Prices: IDR 5,000 (art gallery and rooftop), IDR 45,000 (3D museum), or IDR 15,000 (3D museum floor).


17. Spring Maren

Have you ever been bothered by the smell of chlorine when visiting a swimming pool or maybe you can’t take pictures in the water because the water isn’t clear enough? All of that will not happen when you come to Sendang Marem, a crystal clear spring.

When you take pictures here the results seem to float because of the effect of the clarity of the water. So get your camera out and style yourself to your heart’s content in this crystal clear water. Don’t forget that if you come here, keep it clean! Because this water is still used by local residents.

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Location: Sawangan District, Magelang Regency, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.


18. Merbabu Slope

Merbabu Slope is Magelang Tourism which is used to satisfy selfie lovers and is always active on social media. There are lots of cool spots for taking photos like the colorful hammock.

Swings, stages on trees, suspension bridges, wooden houses, bamboo towers, tree bikes, lounge chairs and bird’s nests, these are various kinds of exciting rides that you can enjoy and of course you are free to take selfies.

Location: Pogolan Village, Pakis District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 06.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Ticket Prices: IDR 3,000 (two wheels), IDR 10,000 (four wheels).


19. Contact Balkondes

Balkondes Kenalan is one of the tourist attractions that is quite unique, because it is in the form of a garden and is filled with typical Javanese pavilions. In addition, the uniqueness of this place is that the Balkondes is located in the hills with views of the Manoreh mountains.

The beautiful scenery and the many selfie spots here are also a favorite tourist destination. Green gardens, Javanese pavilions and exotic places are perfect for travelers, so it is highly recommended for tourists to prepare your camera.

Location: Kenalan Village, Borobudur District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening hours: –

Ticket Price: Free.


20 Balkondes Ngadiharjo

Balkondes Ngadiharjo is a tourist destination located in the village of Ngadiharjo, when you first come here, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the beauty of its charm. There are unique stone pillars and an ancient roman-style mini amphitheater, which can be used for performances as well.

So, you don’t have to worry about running out of spots to capture your exciting moments. Plus the green and beautiful mountain scenery, guaranteed your photos will be even cooler! Not only that, the culinary is not to be missed, which is a typical jet coolet snack made from cassava. As well as a variety of interesting quality crafts.

Location: Ngadiharjo Village, Borobudur District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours.

Ticket Price: Free.


21. Punthuk Mongrong

Who doesn’t like watching the sunrise or sunset from a height? Well, Magelang Tourism also has a place to see the beautiful scenery of Magelang, as well as see the famous Borobudur Temple. Interesting right?

This interesting tour is Punthuk Mongkrong, located not far from Borobudur Temple about 5 Km. Another interesting thing here is that there is a wooden V-shaped bridge that juts out, a perfect hangout location to enjoy the view of the sun. How interested?

Location: Kamal Hamlet, Giritengah Village, Borobudur District, Magelang, Central Java.

Opening Hours: 07.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 3,000.


22. Punthuk Mangir Magelang

Adopting contemporary tourism, this place has various photo spots that are no less interesting than other tours in Magelang. Like the viewing post, the red umbrella background, and also some beautiful corners of the pine forest.

Since this tour can be said to be new, the natural atmosphere still feels very beautiful and cool. Rows of pine trees complemented by the chirping of wild birds add to the coolness of the day. If you come here, try in the morning before 12 noon, so you can enjoy the fresh air.

Location: Bulusari, Bawang Village, Tempuran District, Magelang.

Opening Hours: 07.00 – 16.00 WIB.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000.

Above are some recommendations for 22 beautiful tourist destinations in Magelang that you can choose to fill your vacation with family and close friends. Of course, the attractions above are the best and newest choices this year.

How, are you quite amazed by the various Magelang tours? Let’s hurry up and pack up and plan your vacation to try some of the choices of tourist destinations. Happy holidays!


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