12 Wonderful Tourist Destinations in Banjarmasin

The island of Borneo does have an extraordinary charm. Even though it is starting to progress thanks to development in all aspects, Kalimantan still has stunning natural beauty and indigenous culture, such as 12 tourist destinations in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan in this article.

The city which is the capital of South Kalimantan is dubbed the City of a Thousand Rivers. Its location in the delta of 2 rivers, namely Barito and Martapura, makes Banjarmasin has its own characteristics regarding tourism and culture.

Many tourist spots in Banjarmasin are floating on the waters. In addition, this city also has about 25 small islands. Some examples are Tatas Island, Kalayan, and Rantauan Keliling.

There are also urban-style artificial tourist destinations and a wide selection of natural attractions. Let’s take a look at some of the best tourist attractions!


12 Tourist Destinations in Banjarmasin

1. Lok Baintan Floating Market

This tour is indeed a typical icon of tourist attractions in Banjarmasin. There are several floating market locations in this city, and the biggest one is Lok Baintan Floating Market, which is located on Sungai Pinang, Banjar.

The uniqueness of the floating market is that all the sellers sell their wares on ‘jukung’ or traditional Kalimantan boats. What’s interesting is that the payment system is also still very traditional, not using currency, but still using a barter system.

The floating market activity starts in the morning at 06.00-9.30 WITA. So, you have to get up early if you want to see the unique atmosphere of this market.

Like other markets, traders here trade food, such as vegetables, fruit, and fish. You can also find cakes and traditional South Kalimantan specialties too.


2. Barito Bridge

Of course, no visit to Banjarmasin is complete without seeing the legendary Barito Bridge. This tourist spot in Bajarmasin which was inaugurated on April 24, 1997 has been included in the MURI record as the longest bridge in Indonesia.

This 1,082 meter long bridge across the Barito River and Bakut Island is included in the Trans Kalimantan route which connects the cities of Banjarmasin and Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan and its surroundings.

With the height of the bridge reaching 15-18 meters above the water surface, the lower part of the bridge can still be passed by water transportation modes such as barges.

If you want to visit this iconic Banjarmasin tourist destination, you have to drive about 15 km from the city center to the Barito Kuala Regency area, where this bridge is located.


3. Bakut Island Nature Park

If you have arrived at the Barito Bridge, the closest tourist option from there is Bakut Island. This is where the proboscis monkey (Nasalis Larvatus) breeds.

This tourist spot in Banjarmasin has an area of ​​about 15.8 hectares. This tourist area has also become more well-maintained thanks to the financing collaboration from the South Kalimantan BKSDA and PT Adaro Indonesia.

The location, which was inaugurated on November 7, 2018 by the Regent of Barito Kuala, is indeed intended as a means of educational tourism, especially for students.

To go to Bakut Island, you only need to cross the Barito River, by paying 10 thousand rupiah for a return ticket by boat. So, apart from visiting the proboscis monkeys, you can also experience crossing the Barito River.

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4. Aquatica Waterpark

This one is an example of a tourist spot in Banjarmasin in the form of a typical urban artificial water recreation vehicle. The location is about 7 km from Syamsudin Noor International Airport.

Not only swimming pools for children and adults, this tourist spot also provides a variety of exciting outbound games for the whole family. The facilities are also adequate with toilets and rinsing places. Sometimes, there is live music shown here.

The entry ticket price is only 30 thousand rupiah on weekdays and 35 thousand rupiah on weekends. Aquatica Waterpark is open from 09.00-17.30 WITA.

The complete address of Aquatica Waterpark is at Jalan Trikora, Guntungmanggis, Landasan Ulin, South Kalimantan.


5. Banjarmasin View Tower

This tourist spot in Banjarmasin offers the experience of seeing the entire city of Banjarmasin from a height. The location of the Pandang Tower is near the floating market on the Martapura River.

This popular tourist destination is open every day starting at 10.00 WITA. Closing hours are 21.00, except Saturdays. The Tower of View closes at 22.00 on Sunday evenings. Usually, this building is always crowded with visitors.

Because it is known to be dense with visitors, the area around the Pandang Tower is often used for various Banjar public events such as competitions, exhibitions, and others.

This tower has 4 floors. The top floor is an open space where visitors can see the whole view of the city of Banjarmasin from this place. You can see various Banjarmasin city landmarks from the top floor of the Pandang Tower.


6. Mount Kupang Hang House Tour

The interesting thing about this tourist spot in Banjarmasin is the unnatural beginning of its formation. For some reason, the construction contractor for the Graha Praja Indah Housing in Banjarbaru intentionally left a patch of land when they were eroding Mount Kupang.

Because it looks like it’s stuck on a cliff, this house has attracted the attention of the public and is famous for being a tourist spot and a social media photo spot. If you come there, make sure you take a picture with the background of this house, okay?

Visitors give this house many nicknames, from the hanging house, the singles house, to the devil’s house.

The door of the Sentang House looks broken and the wooden walls are starting to fall off. If you are curious about the inside of the house, you can use the stairs to go up. From above, you can see the stunning natural scenery of Banjarmasin.


7. Lake Seran

Seran Lake is a former diamond mining area. The location is about 3 km from Kampung Purun and about 17 km from Syamsudin Noor International Airport.

Tourist attractions in Banjarmasin in the form of waters have an island in the middle, which is called Pulau Asmara. Visitors can reach the island by taking a klotok boat. This island is full of mangroves.

The lake water is clear, so you can see to the bottom of the lake. The depth of this lake is about 5-7 meters because the water discharge has shrunk. You can rent a klotok boat, canoe, or water bike to enjoy the beauty of the lake while circling it.

Currently, a special swimming pool for children has been built beside the lake. Adult visitors can enjoy snorkeling activities because there is already a place to rent the equipment.


8. Muara Kuin Floating Market

Muara Kuin Floating Market is the oldest floating market in Banjarmasin and has been around for 5 centuries. This location is a tourist spot in Banjarmasin which is exotic and must be visited.

‘Dukuh’ or sellers in this floating market also use ‘jukung’ to sell. The barter system has begun to be abandoned, but there are still many cultural aspects that are left behind and can be felt.

You have to get up before 4 am if you want to visit Muara Kuin Floating Market. The journey starts from the city center to the village of Alalak, takes about 15 minutes. Then, you can rent a kelotok boat to the mouth of the Kuin River.

To be more practical, you can look for hotels or inns around the river. Order kelotok the day before and ask to be picked up at the pier in front of the hotel.


9. Matchmaking Beach

This tourist area is very popular among young people from Banjarmasin. This tourist spot in Banjarmasin is actually a pedestrian area above the Martapura River, which was later transformed into a popular tourist destination.

Jodoh Beach is not connected to the sea at all. The context of the beach here means the bank, which means the river bank.

The location of Matching Beach is on Jalan Sudirman, Siring, Anasan Besar. Usually, visitors come just to relax, enjoy the scenery, or take a walk. This area is usually crowded with visitors on weekends or holidays.

Around this tourist attraction there is also a beautifully arranged garden, thus adding to the convenience of visitors when they come to Matching Beach. You can also enjoy typical Banjarese cuisine here.

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10. Rimpi Hill

If you’ve ever watched the children’s film Teletubbies, you’ve probably wondered how nice it would be if there was such a place in the real world. Luckily, you can find it at Rimpi Hill.

This tourist spot in Banjarmasin is located in Pelaihari, Tanah Laut Regency, Banjarmasin. The appearance of this location is a savanna decorated with green grass that spoils the eye.

Sometimes, you can see a herd of farm animals passing or looking for food. The atmosphere is really like abroad. Here is also one of the best spots to see the sunrise or sunrise.

To come to this location, you need to travel by vehicle for about 2 hours from downtown Banjarmasin, or about 30 minutes from Pelaihari.


11. Bajuin Waterfall

Pelaihari is like a complete package of tourist attractions in Banjarmasin with a nature theme. In this area, you can also visit Bajuin Waterfall. The location is about 10 km from downtown Pelaihari, or about 2.5 hours drive.

This tourist attraction is still beautiful and natural. Although there are no other facilities, its natural beauty makes this location worth a visit. No one will ask for an entrance ticket, because there is no manager yet.

Here, you can see the crystal clear water and swim around the waterfall. There are also unique flora that you can find, such as various types of forest orchids and carrion flowers. Various types of birds also live here.

The Bajuin Waterfall area has a cool and fresh mountain air. The scenery is also beautiful and exotic.


12. Hapu Rock Cave

The legend of the origin of this cave is believed to be a broken ship belonging to an ungodly child named Angui, who was cursed by his mother, Nini Kudampai, into stone. The story is similar to Malin Kundang.

The location is in the Binuang area of ​​South Kalimantan. Precisely in Batu Hapu Village, Hatungun District, Tapin Regency. The location is not far from Binuang Market.

Batu Hapu Cave is located in the middle of a hill, so you have to climb dozens of stairs to get to the location. Like other caves, Batu Hapu Cave also has natural carvings of stalagmites and stalactites.

You have to be careful when walking through the cave, because it is very humid inside, making the ground along the path slippery.

There are no food vendors there. It’s a good idea to bring sufficient food and drink supplies when visiting Batu Hapu Cave.

South Kalimantan has so many exotic recreational destinations, for example, the various tourist attractions in Banjarmasin that have been described above.

Besides nature, Banjar culture also has its own interesting value. Like the floating market tradition which is a tourist attraction in Banjarmasin.

Various choices of 12 tourist destinations in Banjarmasin above proved that Indonesia is rich in cultural diversity and natural beauty. Our job is to keep it from being lost over time and can be enjoyed by future generations.

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