17 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Jember

Indonesia is a paradise for beautiful natural tourism. There are so many Indonesian actions that come from tourist destination in Jember. The city of Jember is a student city as well as a city with a very dominant garden in East Java. There are 17 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Jember

Those are some kind of worthy and best tours to visit in the city of Jember. Including Beach,

Swimming baths, hills, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and even historical locations are here.

For more details, you can see and visit several places in the city of Jember on this one.


17 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Jember

1. Patemon’s Bath

Patemon baths are swimming pool baths from the Dutch colonial heritage in 1954 ago. Which is at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Although this bathhouse is antique, many renovations have been carried out from year to year.

There are four types of swimming pools in this Petemon bathing place with different depths. Among them, pools with a depth of 4 meters, 1.5 meters, 1 meter, and the last one below 0.5 meters for children.

Patemon Baths is located at Jl. Jerukan, Patemon, Embankment, Jember Regency. With a distance of 30 Km from downtown Jember, and 2 Km from the north of Tanggul village. The entrance ticket is approximately between Rp. 5,000 for adults, and Rp. 3,000 for children.


2. Rembangan Baths

The attraction offered at the Rembangan Baths to visitors is a bath with clean water and a beautiful view of the peak. Surrounded by coffee plantations and orchards make this tour interesting to visit.

There are several rides that can be used here at a low rate. In addition to rides, visitors will also see the view of the city of Jember from a height at night.

Rembangan baths are located in Darungan, Kemuning Lor, Arjasa, Jember Regency. With an entry fee that is free of charge or free, you can enjoy this tour with friends or family.


3. Watu Ulo Pantai Beach

For visitors who want to vacation in the city of Jember, there is nothing wrong with visiting the tourist attractions of Watu Ulo Beach. Because this beach is one of the famous beaches in the city of Jember. Relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the beach is an activity carried out by visitors.


To be able to explore the beauty of the beach again, you can climb the hill on Watu Ulo Beach. For those who like to take pictures, from the top of this hill you will see a panoramic view of the beach.

Watu Ulo Beach is located in Sumberrejo, Ambulu, Jember Regency. With a distance of about 40 Km from the city center. Or about 1 hour drive to the beach. The entrance ticket itself, you can pay a fee of only Rp. 7,500 per person and not parking fees.


4. Papuma Beach

One more beach tourist destination in Jember which is quite famous, namely Papuma Beach. Because of its location jutting into the sea, this beach is known as Tanjung Papuma. The name Papuma means “Malikan White Sand”.

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And the name Malikan is another name that was approved by Perhutani when opening this tourist location in Jember.

There are also many unique spots with beautiful panoramas. You can take pictures with views of the rocks and the sea to your heart’s content.

Papuma Beach is located in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan District, Jember Regency. With an entrance ticket to this beach for Rp. 7,000 weekdays and Rp. 15,000 on holidays, as well as parking Rp. 1,000 to Rp. 6,000 only.


5. Watu Ondo Waterfall

One of the interesting things for visitors is the view of the waterfall in the middle of the forest which is still beautiful. There are 3 waterfalls here, including Watu Gedhek waterfall, Watu Ondo, and Watu Mejo waterfall.

The source of the Watu Ondo spring itself comes from the mountains, so the water that flows is very clear and fresh, even when it rains heavily. This flowing water flow is accommodated into a pool that you can use to play water or to soak.

This address is located at Sidodadi, Pontang, Ambulu, Sidodadi, Tempurejo, Forest Area, Sabrang, Ambulu, Jember Regency. With no entry ticket, you can travel here 24 hours without fear of closing.


6. Love Bay

From the name alone you can imagine what interesting spots are here. This tourist spot in Jember offers a rare and unique view. Because here you will find a bay that forms the symbol of a heart.

To get the perfect view, visitors usually climb Suroyo Hill or Sroyo which is on the east side of Payangan Beach. From the top of this hill, you can take pictures and see a very beautiful view of the bay.

This tourist spot in Jember is located in Payangan Hamlet, Sumberrejo Village, Ambulu District, Jember Regency. With an estimated distance of about 32 Km and can be reached in just 1 hour from the city center. With an entrance ticket of Rp. 7,500 you can travel in this place.


7. Tourist Attractions in Simbat

This tourist spot in Jember stands for Sukmo Ilang Manggar Babatan. This name is taken from the local community who lost it with the large number of illegal logging. Therefore, the local community took the initiative to make it a tourist location.

Simbat Tourism itself has only officially become a tourist location since 2017. With its attraction, namely the flower garden photo spot and taking pictures with other unique views. Visitors are also allowed to climb Mount Manggar to enjoy photos from above.

The location of Simbat Tourism is located in RT 1/RW 1 Dusun Krajan, Tamansari Village, Wuluhan District, Jember Regency. With a distance of 29 Km and 1 hour from the city center. The entrance ticket itself is free, but there is a parking fee of Rp. 3,000 to Rp. 5,000.


8. Gunung Gambir Tea Plantation

There is a very beautiful view here. The expanse of green nature from neat tea leaves is able to spoil the eye. With very cool air and free from pollution, you will feel relaxed and calm when you are here.

Besides being able to see the process of tea leaves starting from picking, drying, and packing, you can also taste tea dishes produced from tea plantations here. While drinking the available tea, you can also take advantage of the scenery by taking pictures.

If you want to go to Gunung Gambir Tea Plantation, you can come to Lawang Kedaton Hamlet, Andung Biru Village, Tiris District. With an entrance ticket that is only Rp. 10,000 only, you can enjoy this tea garden tour to your heart’s content.

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9. Dira Park Tour

One of the tourist attractions in Jember is Water-Boom. However, there are also many rides that are here to be used as tourist toys. Starting from, Carousels, Ferris wheel, Indoor Swimming Pool, Launching Rides, Children’s Game Rides and Mini Trains.

With a variety of rides and a large pool, many visitors come to spend the weekend. With a depth of about 20-160 cm, this tour is perfect for holidays with large families.

The complete address of tourist attractions in Jember is on Jl. Blater City KM 4, Pontang Village, Ambulu District, Jember City. With a tour fee of Rp. 15,000 plus water rides Rp. 5,000 you can be satisfied playing water here.


10. Galaxy Park And Mini Zoo

Galaxy Park And Mini Zoo is a tourist park that has a unique and interesting view. With many trees and beautiful types of flowers make it comfortable to look at.

In addition to the view of plants, there are also many animals in this park. Around the park you can also find many culinary offerings. However, visitors are required not to litter.

This tourist location is in the Rice Field / Garden Area, Tempurejo, Jember Regency. With opening hours from 8.00 to 17.00, with no ticket fees. However, visitors are only charged the normal rate of around Rp. 500 – Rp. 1000 only.


11. Ambulu Cracked Watu Hill Tour

There is one more natural attraction in the city of Jember, the name is Bukit Watu Pecah Ambulu. This name is attached because there is a cleavage at one of the peaks. As a suitable place for climbers, this place is also commonly used by the community to exercise as well as see the scenery in the morning and evening.

In addition to the very cool air, Bukit Watu Pecah is also a further tourist destination from Watu Ulo Beach and Papuma Beach tours, because of its location which is only 12 Km from Ambulu city, or 40 Km from the city center.

The location of Watu Pecah Hill is located in Langon, Ambulu, Jember Regency. There is no entrance fee when you want to visit this tourist location. However, it is important for visitors not to damage nature and litter.


12. Samboja Hill

One of the beauties of Payangan Beach is Samboja Hill. The beauty of the Indian Ocean is clearly visible in the afternoon. Adding to the charm of the natural light that is still beautiful.

Bukit Samboja has been managed independently by the local community since 2011.

Samboja Hill is located in Payangan Hamlet, Watu Ulo, Ambulu, Sido Mulyo, Sumberrejo, Ambulu, Jember Regency. With an entrance fee as well as parking of Rp. 10,000 per person. Very affordable for you nature lovers.


13. Selo Bonang Tour

This is the most unique of the tourist attractions in Jember, namely Selo Bonang. Because the interesting and rare thing that is rarely found in any tour is the rocks that can make a sound.

The sound produced is like the sound of traditional Javanese Gamelan music. One of the discoverers of these rocks is Mr. Hadi Purnomo. Initially, Mr. Hadi dug the ground to build a rest hut. While digging, Mr. Hadi found rocks measuring 100 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm.

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The location is in the Rice Field / Garden Area, Panduman, Jelbuk, Jember Regency. For the cost itself there is no official determination, but voluntarily tourist visitors.


14. Pancer Beach

One of the characteristics of South Beach is the big waves. Another characteristic is the arrangement of crushed stone, the coastline that reaches 3 meters and the black sand beach is very clear here.

Here the visitors will also see the ritual of the community which is carried out once a year. The ritual is called “Larung Sesaji”. This ritual is a form of gratitude from the community for the blessings of God. And this is the belief of the local community from generation to generation.

Pancer Beach is located in Manderan II, Puger Kulon, Puger, Jember Regency. With an entrance ticket of Rp. 3,000 weekdays and Rp. 5,000 weekends make this tour very interesting to visit.


15. Enchantment of Jember J88 Tourism

Tourist attractions in Jember are very popular among young people. Many of the visitors took advantage of the moment to take pictures with the scenery from above. Another interesting spot is the many rows of neatly arranged umbrellas that can also be used for taking pictures.

There are lots of hills that you can make the moment to see the sunrise and sunset views. To enjoy the view, you can camp or stay at the nearest inn and come when the morning sun appears and at sunset.


The location and location of this tour is in Suco Panggepok Village, Jelbuk District, Jember. With the cost you spend zero rupiah, aka free, for 24 hours. Interesting right? So immediately take a vacation in this tourist location.


16. Oleng Sibutong Baths

Oleng Sibutong Baths is a swimming pool tour that was built in 1983. There is an attraction from this bathing tour, namely there are 2 swimming pools with springs originating from Oleng Sibutong springs.

Another attraction is the beautiful and cool natural panorama. Coupled with the lush greenery with a neat blend of artificial gardens. In addition, the Oleng Sibutong bath also provides musical performances on big days such as the day of the Eid holiday.

The address of this tour is located in Biting Village, Arjasa District, 10 km to the north of Jember City.

With an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000 per person is an affordable bathing tour. But you haven’t rented rides yet, if you want to play rides.


17. Bandealit Beach

The location of Bandaelit Beach is close to the location of Sukomade Beach. It is suitable for those of you who want to relax and take pictures with interesting scenic objects.

To the east of Bandaelit Beach there is a river estuary which is still in the same location as the beach. If you are adventuring on beaches and estuaries, you will find the charm of the Mangrove Forest which is so eye-catching.

This tourist spot in Jember is located in the Forest Area, Andongrejo, Tempurejo, Jember Regency. With operating hours for 24 hours without holidays and an entrance fee of Rp. 5,000 only per person.

Those are 17 amazing tourist destinations in Jember that have not been discussed. However, from the list of tours above, you will get the best tourist spots in the city of Jember.

For that, take the time to find the recommended tourist spots that are more hits. Enjoy your Jember city tour, and have fun!


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