15 Well-known Travel Destination in Tawangmangu

Central Java is an area that has a variety of amazing natural panoramas. Mountains, beaches, hills, waterfalls, forests, and various other natural wonders that offer exciting adventures. these are 15 well-known travel destination in Tawangmangu.

One area that is also rich in the diversity of natural scenery is Tawangmangu. Located in the administrative area of ​​Karanganyar Regency, the tourist attractions in Tawangmangu are not only diverse, but this area is also close to other tourist areas such as Magetan and Surakarta.

The area which is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu is also a producer of vegetables and fruit for the surrounding city. Every morning, a car carrying vegetables descends from Tawangmangu to Surakarta, ready to be sold in the market.

Below will be reviewed tourist attractions in Tawangmangu that are interesting to explore in our natural adventure this time. Come on, let’s start our tour to Tawangmangu!


Well-known Travel Destination in Tawangmangu

1. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

We start with the most famous one, namely Grojogan Sewu. This 81 meter high waterfall has indeed become the prima donna of Tawangmangu tourism. This area became famous thanks to this tourist attraction. Subsequently, other locations became known as well and made Tawangmangu increasingly popular.

From the parking location to the waterfall area, you need to pass 1,250 stairs. When going down is easy, but when going back up it will be quite draining. The steps are also quite slippery because of the moss, so you have to be careful.

Near the waterfall, there are many interesting photo locations. Don’t forget to prepare your camera before going there. You can also enjoy the culinary rabbit satay that can be purchased near the location. It’s really nice to sit cross-legged in the middle of nature while enjoying culinary offerings.


2. Cetho . Temple

Next, we visit a historical site as well as a tourist destination, Cetho Temple. Photography enthusiasts must stop by here because the location has a good composition to be photographed. This Hindu heritage temple is located in Cetho Hamlet, Gumeng Village, Jenawi District.

The location is also close to Kemuning Tea Gardens, so one way, two tourist attractions can be visited. This temple is located at an altitude of 1,496 meters above sea level, making Cetho Temple one of the highest temples in Indonesia.


The atmosphere of this Hindu temple which is thought to have been built during the Majapahit era makes us feel like we are in Bali. Even though it was restored in 1970, this temple still has the concept of a terraced punden, so that it still feels its ancient Hindu characteristics.


3. Kemuning Tea Garden

Still close to Cetho Temple, you can go to Kemuning Tea Garden. Photography lovers can continue hunting because this location is no less beautiful. This tea garden is able to produce 11 tons of tea every day and is the mainstay of the local people’s livelihood.

Located in the district of Ngargoyoso, the path to one of the tourist attractions in Tawangmangu is relatively easy. The road is in good condition, even though it is on the slopes of a mountain. The location is about 25 km from Surakarta, with the highest peak of 1,500 meters above sea level.

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Not only seeing tea gardens, this location also provides outbound rides such as flying fox, river tubing, paintball , and horse riding arena. You can also take selfies in various spots that are intentionally set to be instagrammable.


4. Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake is located about 16 km from Magetan. This lake has an area of ​​30 hectares and the water is 28 meters deep. The location of the lake in the mountains makes Sarangan a tourist attraction in Tawangmangu which has a natural atmosphere.

If you want to spend the night here, there are many inns around the lake. Food stalls are also ready to pamper a hungry stomach.

Visitors to Sarangan Lake are not only local tourists, but also foreign tourists. Besides seeing the lake, you can see the rice fields or ride a horse. The most interesting thing is that you can take a speed boat here.

This lake also has a myth of Kyai and Nyai Pasir who turn into a dragon after eating a magic egg. These two figures are believed to be the guardians of Sarangan Lake to this day.


5. Sekipan Hill Tour

Sekipan Hill has existed since the Dutch era, but used to function as a military training ground. Only in 2015, this location was transformed into Bukit Sekipan Tourism, with a new and modern concept that is able to attract the hearts of tourists.


Sekipan Hill Tourism has a mini water boom in it. Visitors who bring children can invite their children to swim here while enjoying the beautiful view of Mount Lawu.

This area also has a garden with Halloween-style decorations. Ghosts and monsters were seen sitting on benches or standing around the park. There’s no need to be afraid, because they are just statues. You can also take selfies with them.

There is also a horse track and campground here. Tawangmangu is famous for having many horses that can be rented to surround the tourist area.


6. Essential House

Rumah Atsiri is a tourist spot in Tawangmangu which was originally built as a factory in 1967. The factory is an Indonesian-Bulgarian collaboration, and processes essential flower oil from citronella .

However, in 2015, the factory stopped operating and this location was converted into an educational recreation area for various kinds of flora, focusing on essential plants. Atsiri House has 90 types of essential plants that you can see there.

Its uniqueness is the typical European building and various factory equipment that are still on display there. You can also learn to make telon oil, even bath bombs, the soap used for bathing in the bathtub.

You don’t need to pay an entrance ticket, but you must buy a coupon for 50 thousand rupiah which is used for shopping for souvenirs typical of Rumah Atsiri.


7. Lawu Park

If you want to be outbound with friends, this is the place. With a package for 120-140 thousand rupiah per person, you get a complete package of 6-8 types of games, snacks, and 1 meal. Lawu Park has a reliable team of trainers who will guide your outbound activities .

You can also stay here. The inn is also unique and consists of several types. For the cottage type of lodging, you only need to pay 300 thousand rupiah per night for 2 people, including breakfast. Each room has 2 beds.

Glamping enthusiasts can also choose a triangular-shaped mini building, which is equipped with a bed, TV, and hot water. The rental price is 500 thousand rupiah per night for 4 people. This price also includes breakfast.

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8. River Hill Resort

You can also choose a more luxurious tour package at River Hill. This hotel in Tawangmangu is quite famous as an upscale inn. River Hill is located at Jalan Sekrincing, Gate 2 Grojogan Sewu. The location is very close to Grojogan Sewu.

This inn is very spacious and far from residential areas. The atmosphere here is calm and peaceful. Coupled with a garden around the inn, and a fountain in the middle. The interior itself is more directed to a modern concept.

Like Lawu Park, this resort also provides outbound packages. The fare is quite cheap, starting from 50 thousand per person. There are regular package options, education packages, and self-development packages. Each package has a different rate.


9. Jumog . Waterfall

In Tawangmangu, there is another famous waterfall, namely Jumog Waterfall. The location is 4 km from Grojogan Sewu, precisely in Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar.

Reaching the location point is also easier. You only need to pass 116 steps. Much less than Grojogan Sewu. The natural atmosphere is also good, so you can take selfies here.

Indeed, this location is not as well known as Grojogan Sewu, but it is also an interesting location to visit. This tourist area looks more rapid and organized. Jumog is also shallower, making it safe for children to play.


10. Sondokoro Agrotourism

This is another example of a tourist spot in Tawangmangu that used to be a factory. Initially, Sondokoro Agrotourism was a sugar factory in the Dutch colonial period. The difference is, this factory is still operating and is the largest sugar factory in Karanganyar.

This location was officially opened in 2006. Here there are many rides, including a healthy reflection walk, freshwater aquarium, flying fox, suspension bridge, sacchacinema, sugar locomotive, factory tours, and many other options.

The entry ticket price is only 5 thousand rupiah. However, to enjoy the rides and facilities there are additional costs of each. The opening hours of this tourist attraction are from 08.00-17.00. Apart from traveling, you can also learn many things here.


11. Balekambang Fun Park

It is important to remember, there are 2 Balekambang parks, one is in Surakarta, the other is in Karanganyar. These two places have different concepts. The one in Surakarta is more of a beautiful garden concept and looks like a mini zoo, and in Karanganyar it is more of a modern tourist park.

In the Balekambang Karanganyar park, there are miniatures of various world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, Borobudur Temple, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Here you can also take pictures at the 3D Art Studio which is sure to produce unique photos.

The ticket price is 20 thousand rupiah on weekdays and 25 thousand rupiah on weekends. This location is open from 09.00-17.00. It is located close to Grojogan Sewu and Bukit Sekipan Tourism. In addition, access to get there is also easy.


12. Menggung Archaeological Site

There is one more tourist attraction in Tawangmangu in the form of a temple, namely Menggung Temple. It is located in the Menggung archaeological site area. The place is located at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level, precisely in Kalisoro Village.

Here, the sacred and mystical atmosphere is still felt, especially during the Dhukutan ceremony, which is held every time the Wuku Dhukut is published according to the Javanese calendar. You can see ancient relics here in the form of statues, statues, and temple ruins.

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According to government agency data, this place was the escape of Prabu Airlangga because he was pressed by the enemy in 1000 BC. This location also feels uniquely Hindu with black and white checkered cloth wrapped around the tree. Just like in Bali.


13. Madirda Lake

Maybe not many have heard of this one tourist spot in Tawangmangu. In fact, this lake is called the golden tracking of Sukuh-Grojogan Sewu because of its proximity to this location.

This lake is also located in Ngargoyoso District, precisely in Tlogo Hamlet, Berjo Village. Here also has complete facilities, although to actually get to the location, you have to go through a path first.

The lake water is calm and clear. Because not many people know about this location, the atmosphere is calmer because there are no visitors. Around the lake is also often used as a camping location for nature lovers.

If you come before Nyepi, you can see the Melasti ceremony performed by Hindus there. This ceremony means self-purification.


14. Mojosemi Forest Park

Mojosemi Forest Park is an outbound location that offers an exciting and different experience. For example , the Paintball game which is a strategy and cohesive game using an airsoftgun.

Other games include Archery or archery. Dinosaur hunting, and High-rope Low-rope. In addition, there are also rides such as ATVs and tour packages using off- road cars.

Entrance tickets start from 10 thousand rupiah. There are various other packages with prices that vary depending on the ride you choose. For group packages, you can contact the marketing department to get a price quote.


15. Pringgodani Waterfall

One more tourist spot in Tawangmangu in the form of a waterfall. Pringgodani Waterfall is the highest in Karanganyar. Its height reaches 100 meters. This location is about 5 km from Tawangmangu Market.

This waterfall is believed to be a hermitage. Before arriving at Pringgodani, visitors will first pass through Sendang Temanten. According to custom, people who are going to Pringgodani must stop by the spring first to wash their faces and say hello.

Beside Pringgodani there is Pringgosari Lake and, whose springs come from a waterfall. In addition there is also Pringgosari Cave, located not far from the lake.


Important Information Before Visiting Tawangmangu

Tawangmangu can be accessed via the Surakarta-Karanganyar route or from Magetan. Tourist attractions in Tawangmangu are spread evenly throughout the area, so you need to make a visit route according to your arrival route.

There are many accommodation options here. You can rent villas, which can be used in groups, motels, and even hotels.

There are also star-class hotels in Tawangmangu. Besides River Hill, you can choose other hotels such as Pondok Asri, Nava Hotel, and Indah Palace. If you come during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to book a hotel room in advance.

Tourist attractions in Tawangmangu are very diverse and offer a complete experience, ranging from natural tourism, historical heritage, outbound adventures, to locations that have not been touched by the tourism sector so that they are still original.


The mountainous atmosphere that has a cold air adds value to the attractiveness of Tawangmangu as a tourist area. The tourism potential of Tawangmangu can still be explored further, given the large interest of tourists, both domestic and foreign, to come.

There are recommendation of 15 well-known travel destination in Tawangmangu, don’t forget to share your experiences online so that more people know this tourist area. That way, you have participated in promoting Indonesian tourism.


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