25 Top Travel Destinations in Jogja

Yogyakarta (Jogja) is beautiful and exotic. That sentence is not just a statement, but a fact. You yourself will also prove it after many times visited Jogja. There are 25 top travel destinations in Jogja waiting for your vacation.

Its beautiful natural wealth plus the ancient culture of Jogja which is still closely related to its people, makes you no longer need to lie if Jogja is indeed the greatest place. Even just set foot, you don’t want to hurry home.

The modern vacation offers that are memorable from tourist attractions in Jogja are finally a choice that is too bad to miss. Let’s see where the place is:


Top Travel Destinations in Jogja

1. Kampung Bule Prawirotaman

This is a must-visit in Yogyakarta. Haven’t visited Jogja if you haven’t come here. This village is the most popular destination for local and international tourists, so it is included in a row of tourist attractions in Jogja.

Entering Jalan Prawirotaman, you will be greeted by a row of coffee shops that offer a comfortable place to relax. Interestingly, this place is crowded with foreign tourists or Caucasians, so it can make you feel what it’s like to be Caucasians all day long.


2. The South Square of Yogyakarta

Dua banyan hits that make many visitors curious. Whoever can pass the twin banyan with their eyes closed, then what is desired will be achieved. The name Masangin tradition.

This popular tourist spot is suitable for those of you who are still single. If you make it through, right between the two banyans, then you will soon meet your soul mate.

Let’s try it immediately, who knows lucky, because thousands of people failed to pass it. Most pass through the twin banyan but through the side of the banyan not in the middle of the two banyans.


3. Breccia Cliff

It feels like you are in Bali, because you will enjoy the beauty of the streets amidst the artistic carvings of the breccia rock cliffs. Standing between towering breccia rock cliffs can be an interesting selfie spot.

The indentation of the breccia stone motif is perfectly carved to beautify the stone surface. Suitable for those of you who want to travel as well as pre-wedding. Make your wedding concept more unique.


4. The World Landmark Merapi Park

Just like in Balekambang Tawangmangu Park, The World Landsmark Merapi Park has various kinds of landmarks from all over the world. It is located in the same location as the Ancient Mount Merapi, making the name Merapi also attached to the name of this park.

There are many famous landmarks here, including the giant Dutch Windmill, the Eiffel Tower, and landmarks from all countries in the world.

This tourist spot is suitable for family tours as well because it provides education to children about amazing places from around the world.


5. Monjali Rainbow Park

The name of this park is unique, so when you first hear it, you immediately think of Indian culture. His name is synonymous with the Indian language.

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But after coming there, it turns out you’ve been there. Yes, the name “Monjali” is an abbreviation of the Jogja Return Monument. So, it is located in the same location as the famous Jogja Return Monument.

This park is the same as other types of gardens. It looks simple but festive at night because of the rows of lanterns and garden lights that fight for your eye’s attention.


6. Nglinggo Tea Garden

If you don’t go to the top, you won’t know the fresh air in the tea garden. The peak is located in West Java, but now in Jogja you can also travel to the Nglinggo Tea Garden.

This tour is a simple tour that is super cheap. It is located in Pagerharjo Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. Not only to enjoy the coolness of the tea plantations here, but also to walk through the history of Prince Diponegoro’s residence.

This tour is a cheap tour, because for only IDR 3,000 per person, you can freely enjoy the view of the tea gardens to your heart’s content.


7. Kulonprogo Mangrove Forest

After enjoying the view in the tea garden, you can go directly to the Mangrove Forest tour. You will get more shades of green so that the mood is fresher.

Rows of green mangrove trees plus several facilities that complete it, make you and your family more comfortable. The camera is still in hand because every sweep of the eye looks too bad not to be immortalized.


Vacations here are also considered cheap holidays, because the price of the entrance ticket is only a thousand different from the entrance ticket to the Nglinggo Tea Garden. Entrance ticket per person is IDR 4,000 per person.


8. Bannerman Ponggok Klaten

The next cheap tourist spot in Jogja is Umbul Ponggok Klaten. A unique pool tour. Where here you can take pictures from the bottom of the pool which is equipped with a charming property.

Here are 3 types of tickets that you will get if you visit here, namely:

Entrance ticket costs Rp. 8.000,-

Swim with swimming goggles for IDR 21,000 (entrance ticket + swimming goggles rental)

Selfie pays IDR 68,000 to IDR 108,000, – (entrance ticket + selfie fee)


9. Taman Sari

The bathing place for the daughters of the Yogyakarta Palace, which is very culturally accessible. It can be seen from the interior design of this garden. The combination of Keraton style furniture around the pool makes you feel like you’re back in the days of the palace.

It’s not complete if you don’t come here and prove your art. You only need to spend IDR 3,000 for the entrance ticket. Super cheap tour with a very memorable experience.


10. Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Yogyakarta is always full of stories. Whatever tour you want, it’s here. A trip to the waterfall is also provided by Jogja.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall offers very beautiful natural scenery. The cold air from the green trees and the sound of falling water makes you reluctant to blink.

This tour is also included in the cheap category, because the ticket prices are pocket-friendly. Details:

Entrance ticket costs IDR 7,000 only

Riding an engine boat costs IDR 12,000, – (entrance ticket + engine boat ride fee)

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11. Bukit Bintang

Instagramable Jogja tourist spots

This place is no ordinary hill. This is the hill of Yogyakarta. A beautiful hill to decorate the night of Jogja. The sprinkling of stars and the reflection of Jogja’s night lights combine to create a very stunning view.

But for those of you who are on vacation with your lover or on a honeymoon, this is the most romantic hilltop in Jogja that you really need to visit. Just go straight to the gas area Patuk, Gunung Kidul Jogja.

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Don’t miss the romance of Jogja at night with the warmth of wedang ronde Jogja from the top of Bukit Bintang. Feel the sensation, and ask your heart. Cye-cye.


12. Dahromo’s Sky Door

For you, young hits, spend the night traveling in Jogja to sit back and relax at Pintu Langit Dahromo. Feel the sensation of sitting at the top of Bukit Dahromo.

Point your tourist vehicle to one of the tourist attractions in this beautiful Jogja. Your night is guaranteed to be very memorable. Don’t forget to take out your best selfie camera to capture the super beautiful night view of Jogja.

The location of this place is in Bantul, precisely in Munthuk Village, Dlingo District.


13. Malioboro

The most famous shopping center in Jogja. If you haven’t been to Jogja yet, you haven’t been to Jogja yet. Those of you who have been here will never be able to come and come again.

Just try to come at night. When everyone is sleeping, Malioboro is still busy. The people of Yogyakarta are tumplek bleg here to enjoy the night atmosphere. Coupled with a bowl of Wedang Ronde (a typical Jogja drink), your night will be different from the previous nights.


14. Pengger Pine Forest

After enjoying the night at the Pintu Langit Dahromo, don’t go home yet. You can go directly to the Pinus Pengger Forest. There is an Indian House waiting for you.


This Indian house is the most eye-catching spot here. A house building that looks like an Indian house with a hole. We can enter it and take pictures.

The result of the image is like entering a bird’s nest on a tree. When you look down, you will be amazed by the glitter of Jogja at night. Night is no longer synonymous with darkness.


15. Paragliding Hill

As the name implies, this hill is used for paragliding athletes. But at night, it turns out that it is still suitable for adding photo files to our smartphone memory.

The typical cold air from the top of the hill is the first thing we feel. But when we look down the hill, we will see the greatness of God through the beauty of the city of Jogja combined with the shiny water of Parangtritis Beach. Very suitable to be visited at night.


16. Beringharjo Market

For those who like shopping, Beringharjo Market can be a reliable shopping center in Jogja. The place is not far from Lempuyangan Station.

You can get rid of a tiring train journey right away by stopping by to fill your stomach at this market. You will immediately rise from exhaustion after getting various kinds of items that you are after for souvenirs.


17. Yogyakarta Palace

This tourist spot never escapes from the list of tourist attractions in Jogja. A historical place that stores the beauty of Jogja’s culture and its very thick customs.

You can walk through every corner of the palace, as the center of Yogyakarta’s government in ancient times. Even now, the Yogyakarta Palace is still operating. All palace servants act like they do in the palace. You will feel like you are living hundreds of years ago.


18. Fort Vredeburg

Travel is also learning. Learn history and culture. Jogja has it, and you should know it.

Let’s come to Fort Vredeburg. A Dutch heritage fort that holds a lot of important history of Jogja when it was under the influence of the colonialists.

The location of this fort is not far from Beringharjo Market

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19. Point 0 Km Jogja

A tourist spot in Yogyakarta that should not be missed. You can see amazing Jogja art performances here, take pictures at the March 11 Monument, and also see various works of Jogja artists.

No need to worry about getting lost, the location is near Tugu Station so it’s easy to reach. If you are looking at the students who are demonstrating, then you are indeed at the 0 Km Point of Jogja.


20. Jogja Smart Park

This is a suitable tourist spot for children. A lot of new knowledge that children will get here. Children will get hands-on experience here.

For you, parents, this is an opportunity to determine the learning experience for children at Taman Pintar Jogja. Invite children to walk through every corner of the park so that their curiosity about something new is immediately answered.


21. Parangtritis Beach

Jogja’s mainstay beach, namely Parangtritis Beach. This beautiful beach in Jogja is also included in the must-visit category.

It’s not complete if you go to Jogja and haven’t enjoyed the beautiful sea breeze of Parangtritis. You must admit it, right?

Moreover, the desert on the edge of Parangtritis beach is waving to be a very beautiful selfie spot. Don’t miss your selfie style here. Guaranteed the results are like being photographed in the deserts of the Middle East.


22. Nglambor Beach

This tourist spot in Jogja offers amazing beauty of marine life. Snorkeling is the right sport for you to do or you will regret it.

Traveling with your family while sitting relaxed on the beach is an experience that you will never forget here. Especially if you go snorkeling, you will meet a creature created by God that is hundreds of years old, the super large Nglambor endemic turtle.


This endemic turtle will greet you warmly. Its existence is protected and not everyone has the opportunity to meet this ancient turtle. Try your luck right away by snorkeling at this beach off Nglambor.


23. Single Pok Beach

This romantic beach in Jogja offers a serene atmosphere that makes traveling with lovers and life partners even closer. The sea breeze makes the space feel more meaningful.

In the afternoon here, you can reveal the beautiful sunset that is captivating and different from the others. The presence of rocks that surround this beach makes the sunset seem to really smile to welcome your presence.

Your feet will be reluctant to walk away from this enchanting beach. Let’s immediately invite your lover here.


24. Baron Beach, Krakal and Kukup

This 3 in 1 beach is not just a name, it is true. In one visit, you can enjoy the beauty of 3 beaches, namely Baron Beach, Krakal Beach, and Kukup Beach. Jogja’s newest tourist spot that will spoil your eyes.

The sensation of traveling to the beach is very different from before. Usually only one location per beach, but here we can enjoy the moist Krakal beach and the beautiful mountain range at Kukup Beach.


25. Jogja’s Jogan Beach

Here you meet again with the unique beaches of Jogja. Not just the usual beach, because there is a waterfall on the beach. The beauty of the beach water grojogan from the 12 meter high coral wall will give a different beach feel.

Super cool with a very clear coral view spot in the sea. Not to mention if you want to snorkel, you won’t stop saying “Wow”.

If you haven’t visited 25 top travel destinations in Jogja above, don’t admit that you’ve been to Jogja. Get the most impressive travel nuances here. Your feet are guaranteed not to stop walking around all corners of Jogja.

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