28 Popular Travel Destinations in Jakarta

If you look at the city, surely travel destinations in Jakarta are hot, crowded, and unattractive. It’s wrong if you think like that. There are many cool tourist attractions here that will make you feel like you are outside Jakarta.

How can that be? Yes, please. Imagine, it turns out that one of the most targeted tourist attractions in Jakarta is its natural attractions. Of course, the goal is clear, which is to make the mind relaxed, because daily work becomes shattered and becomes fresh again.

If you want to go to tourist spot in Jakarta, you are provided with many choices, which are summarized in every area of ​​Jakarta. Anyway, really YESS for an offer to travel to Jakarta.

No need to be afraid of overheating and traffic jams, because the atmosphere is really different from the tourist attractions that you are going to visit. Let’s take a peek at some of them.


Travel Destinations in Jakarta


1. Batavia Old Town

This is a very famous tourist spot in Jakarta in West Jakarta. You have to point your feet there. Set your first foot here when you arrive in West Jakarta, then go to other tourist attractions.

Kota Tua Jakarta is another name for the Herb City of Batavia, which is the largest trading center in Southeast Asia. Many old, sturdy buildings lined up here. Magnificent impression and it feels comfortable.

Especially if you rent a bicycle to go around every corner of the Old City, it is guaranteed that you will not stop to amaze.

For more details, click: Jakarta Old Town Tour


2. Mangrove Nature Park

Navigate the vehicle to Jalan Garden House first if you want to plan your vacation to natural tourist attractions. There is a mangrove park here which will determine the impression of a pleasant tour opening. You have to come here.

The atmosphere you get here will be compared to 360° from the super hot atmosphere of Jakarta. Fresh air from the green photosynthesis process of mangrove leaves will make your mind fresh. Come here quickly.


3. Kalijodo Park

This children’s playground is very new, you know. Still gress anyway. Because it was only inaugurated in 2017.

You can bring the kids here. There are many rides for children’s toys in this park that will spoil the children. Hurry up, don’t regret it because you missed this beautiful park.


4. Ciputra Artpreneur

Here you can see theatrical performances with a super large theater stage. All the artists of Jakarta and its surroundings are full of blek here. You will feel the impression of traveling that cannot be replaced by anything here.

You don’t even need to go abroad to see international art exhibitions. You can go to this cool place in Jakarta. Let’s prove it ourselves.


5. Thousand Islands

Jakarta is the one who owns these islands. You can feel the exoticism of a small island in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan city. It’s a loss if you’ve never been there.

You can only take two hours to get here. The transportation that can be used is Speedboat. During the trip, you can take lots of pictures because the view is super cool.


6. Langsat Park

This city park is ready to facilitate our morning, afternoon and evening activities. You can jog here in the morning, because there is a jogging track provided. During the day you can chill while drinking ice or something, because the garden is beautiful and green. Very comfortable.

At night you can come here too, you know. Dating with do’i while enjoying the beauty of city park lights and passing vehicles in the middle of South Jakarta City. Plus you can relax while socializing.

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7. Ragunan Orchid Garden

The place is still the same as the Ragunan Zoo, but the collection is different. In this garden, as the name implies, orchids are the point of purpose. You will be satisfied selfie in the middle of a sea of ​​orchids.


There are approximately 5000 species of orchids here. You can enjoy this beautiful view while studying. Get to know various kinds of orchids with all their uniqueness.

You can imagine how it will feel when you are in the middle of a beautiful orchid garden. Can’t wait to go there.


8. Artha Mutual Museum

The name “Artha” is taken from a Javanese word which means “money”. So if you come here, you will be treated to a collection of money printing machines. For those of you who don’t know anything, it’s really important to come here.

There are dozens of money-printing machines here. All of them tell their own history of the development of money in Indonesia. You can ask the museum staff for more details. The location is in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.


9. Kemang Food Festival

Mother’s KFF is right in Bangka, Kemang Prapatan. You can pamper your nose, tongue and stomach here. Initially from the nose straight to the mouth, full dech.

Live is ready to accompany you from afternoon to midnight here. Various heavy and light foods are here. The prices also vary and the taste is guaranteed to be uendes surendes. You’re not going to want to go home anyway.


10. Ragunan Zoo

This is a tourist spot in South Jakarta that is suitable for family tourism. You can come here to relax while getting to know various kinds of animals. Don’t stop by here if you’ve been to South Jakarta.

You will feel a sense of pride after coming to Ragunan Zoo, because this zoo is the largest ex situ conservation of primates in the world. You can get to know the complete primate animal here.

Eits, so you don’t get bored, you can invite children to enjoy various rides here. Come here quickly. If you want to come here once, twice, or dozens of times, you will want to come here again.


11. Setu Babakan

A name for a lake or lake that is visited by many tourists from within and outside the city of South Jakarta.

You can come here when you’re stuffy or want to beat your mind full of work or other thoughts.

This 30-hectare lake is ready to refresh your mind at any time by presenting views of the green surrounding nature.

You don’t have to just sit on the edge of the lake later. You can immediately visit the original Betawi Village.

Where this lake is managed directly by the Betawi people. You will feel the sensation of being in the midst of the original Betawi people.

You can even enjoy Betawi culture while uncovering the beauty of this place. Hurry up here, while on vacation. When else can you get a lot of holiday experiences in one place with two tourist locations.


12. Kite Museum

After feeling the coolness there, you can go directly to tourist attractions in Jakarta which are located at Pondok Indah. The Kite Museum is the name.

You will get a lot of experience here.

Learn about all types of national and international kites. Where there are more than 500 types of services originating from within the country and abroad.

Learn to make the right kite, so it can be flown. You can choose which type or model.

Learn to make things from pottery.


13. Insect Museum and Butterfly Garden

The most beautiful animal that does not want to be outdone by the beauty of flowers is the butterfly. You must admit that the butterfly is the prettiest of all animals.

East Jakarta provides a special place that you can visit to meet various species of butterflies.

The Butterfly Garden, which is located at Cipayung, East Jakarta, will welcome him and his family with the joy of butterflies flying here and there.


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You can take selfies here. To be precise, you know, it is one with the Insect Museum, so you can visit all of them.


14. PKI Betrayal Museum

If you want a complete vacation, don’t just go to the playground or the park. Complete it also by visiting tourist attractions in historic Jakarta.

One of them is the PKI Betrayal Museum. You will get a flashback of the story of the struggle of the fighters to survive in the midst of the sadistic PKI kingpin.

You can see everything about the PKI here. The PKI’s triumph in the midst of the suffering of the Indonesian people is very clearly felt here. Maybe you are touched. But it’s fun lol.


15. Beautiful Lake

What’s fresh is sitting by the lake with loved ones. The calm water will send your mind to be fresher. You will also last a long time in this type of natural tourism.

East Jakarta also doesn’t want to miss out on providing this comfortable tourist spot. This beautiful lake, located in Cakung, will make your vacation even more enjoyable. The green view of the lake opens up another side of hot and arid Jakarta.


16. Among Skyworld

Traveling while looking for knowledge you will get in this one tourist spot. Especially for those of you who are interested and are exploring the world of outer space. You will feel like you are in outer space.

This is perfect for a selfie background. Without editing here and there, you can directly upload it on social media. Before entering here, make sure the quota is full.


17. Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park

You may know him better through its abbreviation, TMII, which is more practical and easy to remember. This tourist spot in East Jakarta has exploded throughout the country. It can even be said that TMII is the icon of Jakarta.


Here, you can see everything in Indonesia. There are traditional houses, traditional dances, regional musical instruments, and other Indonesian cultures.

You wouldn’t think that walking around the 150 hectares of TMII area is the same as traveling all over Indonesia. Unique right?


18. Permai Indonesian Orchid Garden

Just like in South Jakarta, East Jakarta also has an Orchid Garden. The difference is that this park is in the same area as TMII or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. If the contents are the same, thousands of orchids of various species.

But there is something special here. Not only can you get to know various kinds of orchids and take pictures in the midst of them, but you can also immediately learn a lot about research on orchids. Experts are ready to provide much of the information you need.


19. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Tourism in the port area is a tourist trend that you can choose. It’s rare to travel in this place, because the port is the ship’s berth. If you don’t become a passenger, you won’t come to the port.

But it’s different again if you go to Sunda Kelapa Harbor. As the largest port in Jakarta, precisely located in North Jakarta, this port has an important role in the origin of Jakarta. You can freely travel here.


20. Tugu Village

This village is different from the usual village used as a tourist spot. Here, you will get a lot of valuable experience here. You will feel the uniqueness of this village.

This Tugu village has become the pride of North Jakarta’s tourist village. You can see a lot of things here, from:

The graves of the indigenous people of Kampung Tugu who are members of the Tugu community.

Priest’s house leading the Tugu Church

See the unique ancient bells from the Netherlands.

Tugu Church with its unique architecture.


21. Muara Angke Wildlife Refuge

Those of you who like nature tours are perfect for a trip here. You will feel the beauty of the Muara Angke forest which is in the same location as Muara Angke Beach. This Wildlife Sanctuary Forest is also not inferior in its collection of animals.

The mangrove forest that surrounds the Muara Angke Beach housing estate is a different view in this tourist spot in North Jakarta. The view seen in your photos here will be unique and guaranteed to be good. Come on over here.

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22. Jakarta Islamic Center

North Jakarta has a very enchanting religious tourism place. This place is a special tourist spot for those of you who want to deepen their knowledge of Islam. You can learn many things with various learning techniques here.

This place can also be said to be a unique place, because initially the JIC area was the location for night entertainment. You’re not going to think about it. Immediately add your religious knowledge here while traveling.


23. Ancol Dreamland Park

Just like TMII in East Jakarta, Ancol is also known as a tourist spot in Jakarta which is super majestic and complete. You can be satisfied traveling here. Ancol has also become an iconic tourist spot in Jakarta.

The location is strategic and the area is very wide. Once inside, you will get a lot of tourist experiences. There are many rides that you can visit here, namely:


Sea World

Atlantis Water Adventure

Ancol Golf Course

Ocean Arena

Cable Car, and many others.


24. Red Shop

The name is a shop, definitely right for selling. Eits but this one shop is different. Toko Merah is the name of the Dutch heritage building located in the Old City area.

The building is historic, but it is known as a shop, because there used to be Chinese people who used it as a place to sell.

This right tour in West Jakarta is unique, because the theme of the building is all red. The nuance is not as scary as ancient buildings, but the impression is very interesting. Don’t miss taking pictures here, you know.


25. Portuguese Church

Another name for this church is Zion Church. This church is super old, because as the name implies, the Portuguese were built. You can imagine how this church tells its testimony about the history of Indonesia during the Portuguese colonial era.

Zion Church stands firmly on the land of West Jakarta. This church is still in use today. But it is also open to visitors who want to see the uniqueness of this church. You don’t want it?


26. Diamond City Bridge

The charm of the bridge as a tourist destination cannot be doubted. But the bridge is a bridge that has tourist requirements, namely its large size, old age, unique, and of course historical value.

The Kota Intan Bridge in West Jakarta has met these requirements, so you can include it as a list of tourist destinations in West Jakarta.

This bridge was built by the Dutch. It is the only Dutch bridge in West Jakarta that still stands strong. You can take a good view on this bridge. The selfie results are guaranteed to be good. Especially if you are taking pre-wedding photos, the shots will look classic.


27. Chinatown Glodok

Shopping tours are the right destination if your vacation list is here. Yupz, obviously like Chinatown in other parts of Jakarta, this West Jakarta Glodok Chinatown is a shopper mania’s paradise. You have to bring more pocket money so you don’t drool.


Even an eccentric stomach when shopping will be served by Chinatown Glodok, because Chinese specialties are here. Complete with the hood anyway. But ask before buying. The problem is that there are still many culinary dishes made from pork.


28. Bank Indonesia Museum

If in South Jakarta there is a money printing machine museum, in West Jakarta you can go directly to the bank museum.

The Bank Indonesia Museum is the name of a museum that you can visit to find out the history of the development of money in Indonesia. The location is very strategic and you will be satisfied visiting here.

Information about the development of money that you have wanted will be answered here. The Bank Indonesia Museum has a modern museum display.

It’s an ancient museum, but you’ll feel like you’re in a bank that’s still operating. It’s like being a Bank Indonesia customer for sure.

Those are 28 travel destinations in Jakarta that will spoil your vacation. All cities in Jakarta, from East Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, to North Jakarta provide beautiful and unique tourist attractions.

You will get the best vacation moments in a metropolitan city that is known to be super busy.

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