22 Famous Travel Destinations in Surabaya

Who does not know the City of Heroes. A very impressive central part of the province of East Java. As a tourist destination, Surabaya is an option that is always targeted. Tourist attractions here are already widely known and one of them is you. like 22 Famous travel destinations in surabaya which will be explained here.

The beauty of this city is unquestionable. You will assume Surabaya never sleeps when you hear about this area, because thousands of factories operate here.

Even for tourist attractions in Surabaya, it is not far from the bustle of busy factories. Therefore, Surabaya can be said as an industrial city. There is a special sensation that you will feel while on vacation to Surabaya.

Famous Travel Destinations in Surabaya


1. Ciputra Waterpark

This tourist spot in Surabaya is deliberately provided by the Surabaya government for family tourism. It is suitable to bring children here because it will get a comfortable holiday atmosphere.

Not only for swimming, here you can feel a lot of water games. Swimming, playing in the water, while playing. Complete happiness of visitors here.


2. Submarine Monument

The ship of the Republic of Indonesia Pasopati 410 is the name of the ship enshrined in this monument. You can see it in the tile area of ​​Surabaya. A giant moment as a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian nation against the invaders.


3. Achievement Park

In Malang there is a Smart Park, while in Surabaya there are additional achievements. This newest and most popular tourist spot features a fun holiday package. Are you sure you don’t want to know?

Here, you will see many things that you have never found here before.

Various types of award replicas. Everything is summarized in various forms, ranging from trophies, trophies, medals, and others. Suitable for educational tours that are super unique but the knowledge reaches the target.

A guaranteed wireless internet network makes you feel at home here. Take a walk while still updating with your favorite social media account. The management of this park knows what visitors need.

Training center. Apart from just taking a walk, you can also join the training center at this park. Broadcast Learning Center is like any training center ever.

Culinary tour. You can find a variety of Surabaya specialties here. Tired of traveling can be treated with delicious Surabaya famous foods.

Children’s play area. Children are guaranteed not to feel bored here, because there are quite a lot of children’s games. There are approximately 34 rides for children’s games. This is proof that this Achievement Park provides all-out facilities for the convenience of visitors.


4. Bungkul Park

A park which is also a tourist destination in Surabaya. This place is indeed a simple concept, but the comfort is not inferior to other tourist attractions.

Every time there are many people in this park. Not only to relax, but also to do many things.

In this park, you will see many people exercising, starting from the flying fox, and many others. You don’t need to be afraid of getting bored of traveling in the park because it’s just sitting around. But you can enjoy many exciting rides.

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5. De Mata Trick Eye Museum

Have you ever seen eye painting? Yes, painting in the form of an eye. Eits, but the one in front of the Trick Eye Museum is different.

The eye paintings in this museum were painted directly by world-renowned painters. The form of his paintings is not only in the form of the sense of sight, but also in various forms.

You can enjoy a variety of cool paintings with cool color combinations too. The eye element as a builder of writing makes its own characteristics.


6. Bamboo Forest

You will get the best and creative selfie spots here. Visiting open tourist attractions such as forests will be the best alternative for your vacation. Only the green of the forest will color the faithful scratches of the holiday experience.

With a bamboo forest background, the selfie photos that you will produce are guaranteed to be cool. You will feel like you are in a dream forest, because this Bamboo Forest is really full of bamboo.


7. Mangrove Ecotourism

Wonorejo is a tourist area that presents the concept of green tourism. Many of its unspoiled areas are used as tourist attractions. This green nature concept is the target of many people because the green tourism effect is fun and memorable far from stress.

Mangrove forests are also an alternative to green tourism with different packaging. You don’t have to think about the attractiveness of the mangrove forest, because when you set foot in this Mangrove Ecotourism, you will be reluctant to blink. The beauty of the range of mangrove plants makes your eyes welcome. You can be content to take selfies from the top of the wooden bridge.


8. Skate and BMX Park

Here, you will see the youth of the Skateboard DNA club’ BMX bicycle club. They show their skills here, whether it’s just training, competitions, or games. Complete facilities are provided for skaters and riders to enjoy their practice.

The scenery here is further complemented by the famous Surabaya mascot statue and makes everyone chuckle in awe.


9. Wonorejo Nursery

Surabaya presents a unique tourism concept. Guaranteed for those of you who want to have a memorable travel experience, Surabaya is always there. One of them is by traveling at the Wonorejo Nursery.

The name is also a nursery, so as far as the eye can see, what can be seen is a row of various types of plant seeds. Where the seeds will be planted in all corners of the city.

This tourist spot in Surabaya not only offers a nursery with the naked eye, but also completes it with various game rides. The cool air will show the other side of Surabaya which is cool. The number of game pans available makes you feel at home anyway.


10. Apsari Park

Sunday night is the most suitable night to visit here. Especially with loved ones, your night will be very serene. The romance is also not left behind.

It is located on Jalan Pemuda, in the middle of the city of Surabaya. You can enjoy a beautiful night at Apsari Park while enjoying delicious Surabaya culinary. It’s really great. Come on, let’s get the gas pol over here.


11. Pakuwon City Food Festival

Like Malioboro to be precise, this tourist spot in Surabaya provides many kinds of authentic Surabaya culinary. Your tongue will be pampered with a variety of mouthwatering flavors. You will be full to your heart’s content here.

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Apart from that, you can also take a walk around the Pakuwon City Food Festival on a mini rickshaw. Kayaking in Malioboro is basically the atmosphere, but has its own uniqueness. Eits, if you want more fun, you can ride a horse around.


12. Sharp Bamboo Monument

If you’ve heard the word ‘spiky bamboo’, you’ll definitely sweat the weapons of the heroes. Yes, it’s true. This monument was built to commemorate the struggle of the country’s heroes. They use very simple traditional weapons.

Even though the Dutch used rifles, the heroes still won. His persistent fighting spirit is represented by the sparkling lights around the monument. The monument becomes very beautiful.


13. Suramadu Bridge

Of course, you are already familiar with this tourist spot in Surabaya. A bridge that divides the sea border of Madura and Surabaya. The bridge is majestic and stunned many people.

Many times come here, you will not feel bored at all. Moreover, this bridge is also included in the ranks of night tourist attractions in Surabaya. The sparkling lights of the bridge will take your breath away. Grab your smartphone, and take the moment.


14. Suroboyo Carnival Park

It’s not complete if you don’t go to Surabaya for a night tour. Come on, come to Suroboyo Carnival Park. You will feel an extraordinary night tour. Different from night tours in other places.

This SCP is a night market place that has become an icon of the city of Surabaya, because this night market is Surabaya’s grandest night market. Here you can experience all the games. Complete types because it is intended for all ages, breed only children.

To enter SCP, you only need to pay:


IDR 60,000 when you visit on the effective day, which is Monday to Friday

IDR 80,000,- when you come on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

Very affordable ticket prices, because you can enjoy all the rides.


15. Rainbow Garden

Surabaya is a big city that never sleeps. The proof is that many city parks have been built with various interesting themes. One of them is this Rainbow Garden.

It is called the Rainbow Garden because of the lined lights that shine different colors. Perfect for hanging out at night with your lover. It’s also suitable for newlyweds.


16. G Walk

Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

This is the most sought after tourist spot in Surabaya. Even thousands of visitors every day. Dominated by young people rather than children and parents. This is because this place is a hangout place for young people.

But for those of you who don’t feel young anymore, you don’t need to worry because G Walk is famous for its various Surabaya culinary delights. You can go on a night tour as well as a culinary tour. The tongue swayed, the mind even matched the fresh drift.


17. Surabaya North Quay

This is the name of a gate in Surabaya. This gate is located in Tanjung Perak Harbor. You can go there freely at any time. You don’t have to be a passenger on the ship first.

This tour is quite famous because of the name Perak Harbor itself which is already very well known as a large port in Surabaya. Here you can see sailing ships.

Besides that, what is no less beautiful is that you can see a very beautiful sunset. Feels like being on the beach. The difference is that you see it from the passenger waiting room at the dock.


18. Folk Amusement Park

Surabaya People’s Amusement Park

With popular ticket prices, THR or People’s Amusement Park is in great demand by the people of Surabaya and its surroundings for a vacation. Suitable for use as a family vacation spot, because the concept of a playground or city park is here.

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In addition, what makes this tourist spot in Surabaya famous is the public entertainment vehicle which is close to the TMP or Heroes’ Cemetery. You can take a religious tour here to remember and pray for the heroes. For shopping, you can also shop at Hi-Tech Mall.


19. Surabaya Zoo

No one is not familiar with this zoo. For those who visit Surabaya, a trip to the Surabaya Zoo is an obligation. You must be too. Yes, right?

Surabaya zoo is famous for its complete collection of animals. The location is also very strategic, which is in the center of the city of Surabaya. You can find the location very easily.

There is an iconic statue of Surabaya, namely the Sura fish and crocodile, so you have managed to reach this famous tourist spot in Surabaya.

The area is very large, but you are guaranteed not to get confused, because there is a location plan ready to give you directions. Let’s take the family here for the umpteenth time, you won’t be bored anyway.


20. Surabaya Museum

This is also a famous tourist spot in Surabaya. Surabaya has many stories here. Evidence of historical and cultural heritage is here. You can come there and see evidence of Surabaya’s growth so far.

Some historical objects that have been used by heroes are also here. You can hold it and take pictures with these historical objects. The historical side that is familiar with the modern appearance of the museum makes this one tourist spot a must for you to visit.


21. Ria Kenjeran Beach Park

This is equivalent to a vacation to the beach. You enter the Kenjeran Beach area and can see the arrows of ships and fishing boats here. While sitting on the beach, you can see the sunrise and sunset.


Vacationing to Kenjeran Beach is suitable for families. You can enjoy the bustling beach park that is different from the others. For souvenirs, you can directly buy fresh fish caught by fishermen. Come on don’t miss coming here.


22. Heroes Monument

The proof that Surabaya is truly We are Heroes is the existence of this monument. You should never admit to having been to Surabaya if you haven’t set foot in this place. A giant monument in the middle of Surabaya.

The purpose of establishing this monument is to commemorate the services of the heroes. You don’t just see the monument here, but you can see a documentary about the history of the struggle of the heroes of November 10th. Capture his visit here with your best camera.

You must come here to feel how the struggle of the fighters in defending West Irian from the Dutch. The aura of struggle is felt in this ship monument. You can also enter the ship to see the contents of the ship with many choices of space.

There is one room that you can enter to see the video documentation of this ship’s struggle during the colonial period. You will feel like participating in witnessing the struggle of the heroes firsthand. Don’t forget to take as much documentation as you can.

There are still many other tourist attractions besides 22 travel destinations in Surabaya which explaned above. Surabaya displays its own unique tourist attractions that are different from the others. You will be satisfied to walk in all corners of the city of Surabaya.

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