25 Wonderful Holiday Destinations in Bali

Bali Indonesia is extraordinary. Bali is the most recognized place in the world as a tourist spot in Indonesia. The natural beauty of Bali makes many new tourist attractions in Bali keep popping up. It’s a big loss if you only know Kuta. There are 25 wonderful holiday destinations in Bali.


Although Kuta Beach is the earliest known beach, you will be even more stunned if you know that there are many tourist attractions other than beaches in Bali which are super cool. Your feet will itch to come to Bali again. Let’s take a peek at the latest tourist attractions in Bali:


Wonderful Holiday Destinations in Bali


1. Ice Cream World

It’s the most fun place because the theme is ice cream. The rooms are varied and colorful. You will be satisfied with taking pictures with cute properties too.

This instagenic tourist spot is in Denpasar. Not far from Ngurah Rai airport. When you are tired of traveling, you can eat ice cream here. It’s great.


2. Bali Safari Park

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali, because this safari park is different from other safari parks. They are both animal breeding places, but the concept is very different.

Anyway, it’s really a Bali safari park, because here and there there are many cool Balinese statues. The place is in the wild too, but the animals are not only endemic but also imported. Guaranteed you will get new experience and knowledge about animals. Suitable place for you to visit with your family.


3. Tirta Gangga

Bali does have a famous royal history. You don’t forget that there is a Kingdom in Buleleng. That’s why many royal relics are kept neatly until now. One of them is in the form of Tirta Gangga which is located in Karangasem District.

In this tourist spot, you can take the top pictures, because there is a beautiful goldfish pond. Plus there are fountains around the pool that make this place super classic. You will feel like a princess.


4. Lempuyangan Temple

Bali is synonymous with temples that are used as tourist destinations. For those of you who are getting bored of traveling to temples in Bali, you can immediately come to Lempuyangan Temple. Your boredom will be refreshed in an instant.

Looking at the elegance of Lempuyangan Temple with a magnificent view of Mount Agung will make you chuckle in awe. Especially if you go there at the Golden Time of Sunset and Sunrise, you will be the luckiest visitor. Capture the moment and enjoy the results.


5. Gemitir Garden

Rows of Marigold flowers that adorn the garden are the unique side of this garden. Gemitir Garden is not a magnificent concept garden, but is now a super cool and extraordinary Bali tourist spot. Even though this park is a field.

Can you imagine how the field is? Special land for growing fruit and/or vegetables. Gemitir Garden is the same, but the main plants are vegetables.

But eventually this field is known to be a beautiful garden, because the typical Central American flower, Marigold Flowers, thrives here. You can take as many photos as you want, because the scenery is too bad to miss.


6. Aling-Aling Waterfall

Here you will get an unusual waterfall tour experience. Not only to feel the cool air around the waterfall and the freshness of the waterfall, but also how it feels to have your own waterfall. Just come directly to Buleleng Regency, Sukasada area, you will feel that you have your own waterfall.

Aling-Aling Waterfall is the name of the tourist spot in Bali in question. You can come to this waterfall at any time. You will feel the serenity of nature. Very different from the usual waterfall tourist attractions which are always crowded with visitors.

As a new tourist spot, this place is still not smelled by many tourists. Even if there will be many visitors, you will still feel the aura of tranquility here. This is because the trees are still beautiful with dense forest making the sound of a waterfall that sounds comfortable to the ear.


7. West Bali National Park

When you hear National Parks, what comes to mind is a complete ecosystem in one area. Areas that are deliberately managed well and made as close as possible to the completeness of the actual natural ecosystem components. Bali has the West Bali National Park that must be visited.

Here, you can meet thousands of animals, flora, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. You will be satisfied with the amazingly beautiful natural scenery. You could say all the world’s ecosystems are here. Don’t you want to come here?


8. The Secret Garden

It’s a loss if your list of visits is only to the beach. There is The Secret Garden which is present as a super challenging tourist spot in Bali. Suitable for those of you who like adventure.

Exploring the hills of Bali that provides an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. You will not feel tired going up and down the hill after you see the splendor of 7 spectacular waterfalls. How? You’re interested right?

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9. Plane Wreck in Uluwatu

If you go to Uluwatu, don’t just go to the beach. Let’s see this cool place. No less beautiful with the cool view of the beach.

You’ll see the Plane Wreck here. That’s the plane that crashed in Uluwatu and wasn’t moved. Intentionally used as a tourist spot.

It sounds like this one tourist spot is trivial because you only see plane wrecks. Eits, make no mistake. This is your chance to be an Instagram model. Take your activities here as much as possible.


10. Dream Museum Zone

This tourist spot in Bali is very easy to reach, because its location is in the middle of the city. From the airport you can go straight here. Precisely in Kuta.

You will see hundreds of works of art here. Months of ordinary artwork that you will find, but the type of illusion art that makes all painting objects real. The painters are not only Balinese, but also collaborate with painters from South Korea. A unique and full of knowledge museum for travelers of all ages.


11. Ubud Traditional Market

Don’t miss shopping if you’re in Bali. Prove to your friends and family that you’ve been to Bali with the gifts you got at the Ubud Traditional Market. Just go straight to the gas pol to Gianyar.


There are many Balinese art products in this market. No need to be proud to buy souvenirs here. The craft items are no less cool and complete like in the store. The price is slanted too. Quick wholesale.


12. Yellow Bridge Nusa Lembongan

Even though the theme is the sea, this is another alternative besides traveling to the beach. Bali has a Yellow Bridge, you know, Surabaya an Red Bridge. You can prove the cool thing about Yellow Bridge for yourself. Guaranteed you won’t regret it.

The beauty of the sea of ​​Nusa Lembongan is increasingly exposed from the top of the Yellow Bridge or this Yellow Bridge. You must be online, because you have to take a photo and upload your photo here. It’s a loss if you don’t update right away because the view is really cool.


13. Nusa Ceningan

Can also be called Ceningan Island. Your lips will not stop praising this beautiful place in Bali. The beautiful island of Bali still has more beauty in it, through the cluster of small islands in it.

You can visit Ceningan island at the same time to Nusa Penida. You will see the beauty of Ceningan that is second to none. You can even make it a sister island of the Maldives. Come on, hurry here. Invite your halal partner.


14. Turtle Island

You can invite these super beautiful and cute ancient animals to play to your heart’s content on Turtle Island. You can interact directly with adult turtles in captivity, even releasing the turtles here. A very rare moment of pleasure.

There are other impressions too, you know, if you come here with your halal partner. Could be a cool honeymoon spot. Usually honeymoons are only on the beach, but you will get extra honeymoon intimacy on Turtle Island.


15. Waterblow Nusa Dua Bali

It’s not just the Busa Dua beach that is the magnet, but the beauty of its natural phenomena. There is a water blow here, you know. Very cool. Suitable for honeymoon.


The honeymoon atmosphere will be really different. The romance is still, but more of a rare romance. Wow, I wonder how it feels right?


16. Bedugul Botanical Garden

This recommendation of tourist attractions in Bali is suitable for you new manten. Come here, spend your honeymoon with nature. What a different sensation you will feel.

Bedugul Botanical Gardens provide a place for walks in the open that make your eyes reluctant to blink. The moments of togetherness with your husband or wife are getting more and more quality. The chirping of birds, the sound of the gurgling water of the source, plus the green of the forest complete your happiness.

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17. Penatahan Hot Springs

Soaking in warm water has many benefits. Making the body more relaxed is one thing you will feel. Moreover, bathing in Bali, it’s cool, you don’t need to talk about it.

Invite your partner here, you will feel a romantic place that is second to none. Soak while enjoying the surrounding green scenery. Feel the warmth of the source water directly while having a romantic chat with your halal lover.

The entrance ticket is also cheap, just pay:

IDR 10,000,- per person for public bath

IDR 25.000,- per person for a VIP hot spring


18. Ubud Tegalalang Terraces

When else to travel to the rice fields if it doesn’t fit in Bali. If you’re at home you rarely go to the fields, you don’t even have the time to be afraid of the black. But if you go to this Balinese rice field, you don’t need to be afraid of the black. Hehe

Precisely the natural scenery of terraced rice fields you will enjoy. The romantic impression is really good, even if you just sit in the hut. But the level of competition is in the middle of the rice fields, you know, not half-hearted, just on the edge. You can sit back and relax with your partner while watching Balinese farmers move.


19. Canggu White Wood Beach Bridge

Spot tourist attractions in Bali that don’t want to lose provide romantic tourist attractions. You will be very comfortable and at home here. Just imagine:

You sit alone on a unique wooden bridge. The bridge is not over the river, but on the beach. The romance of joy.

Hand in hand across the bridge to La Laguna Canggu restaurant which is famous for candle light dinner. A very different romantic offering for lovers

Waiting for the sunset on the Canggu wooden bridge together. Sitting on the sand is normal. But this sits on the beach bridge. A simple wooden roof with makeshift benches makes the moment of togetherness for the honeymoon even more intimate.

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20. Tegal Wangi Beach Jimbaran

It’s really hard to move on with the beach when you’re in Bali. Moreover, the romantic Tegal Wangi Beach, Jimbaran, is promised for newlyweds. It will definitely make you impatient to take your wife there.

Already the scenery is beautiful, free admission too. How not good to try. You can be satisfied enjoying the stretch of white sand and beautiful natural cliffs here. Sunbathing together also makes love even hotter.


21. Tanjung Benoa

The southern tip of Bali should not be missed, you know. Immediately remember Tanjung Benoa Beach. A dream beach for those of you who like water sports.

The friendly waves will immediately welcome you. Complete your sports equipment and start enjoying the beauty of the waters. Jetsky, diving, banana boat, or wakeboat are also okay.

Bringing the children here is also suitable, because it will be very exciting. You can ride the banan boat together, shout together, and of course have fun together. Snap here and there is okay.


22. The Legendary Beach of Sanur

How not legendary, Sanur will be one of the pioneers of tourist attractions in Bali. You must be familiar with the beach one. There won’t be any bosses at all.

Enjoy different activities so you don’t get bored here. Try the sea walker, it will definitely make you addicted. Rent a waterproof helmet and enjoy the beauty of Sanur beach more deeply.

For those of you who want to try the sea walker, prepare a rental fee of around 600 thousand. But it will be comparable to the VIP service that you will get. Get ready to save.

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23. Pandawa Beach

This is the most popular tourist spot in Bali too. Enter a row of hits beach clusters in South Bali. You will enjoy the sensation of a private beach here

Far from the crowds make tourists feel at home here. As far as the eye can see, only freedom is imagined. Guaranteed you will forget the work piled up in the office.


24. Dreamland

It can also be called Dream Beach. How not, you will see the beauty of the beach like a painting. Just like in a dream, even though it is clearly visible in front of the eyes.

The waves are quite big, but you don’t need to be afraid. It’s safe. It’s beautiful, that’s for sure. I’m not going to be bored here anyway.


25. Taman Ayun Temple

In addition to the beaches, South Bali also offers super beautiful tourist attractions at Taman Ayun Temple. An exotic Balinese place of worship. You will really like it.

Especially if you are lucky, you can see important Piodalan rituals. Precisely every six months held here. This will be a manifestation of the uniqueness of Indonesian culture that you can interpret. It’s really cool.

Travel to Bali doesn’t have to just go to the beach. There are so many tourist attractions like 25 wonderful holiday destinations in Bali above that are hits and the latest. Visit all, feel the adventure, and enjoy the sensation. I’m sure it’s not only Kuta Beach that is beautiful and wonderful place in Bali.


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