The Best 20 Holiday Destination in Malang

Who doesn’t know the City of Apples in Indonesia? Yes, Malang City. It’s not just a college destination, but a destination city for those of you who like to travel. Many tourist spots are interesting to visit immediately. Therefore we recommend the best 20 holiday destination in Malang which Guaranteed you will be satisfied traveling.

The cool air of Malang makes those of you who have been there really miss you. Whether it’s morning afternoon or evening, the Malang air never stops making the hairs on the neck stand up. Here are  that are too bad to miss

20 Holiday Destination in Malang


1. Eco Green Park

The first tourist spot is eco green park. Judging from the name, then you can already guess its contents. Yes, this Eco Green Park is an educational tourist spot that offers nature-based knowledge. You will immediately know the practice here. It’s not just a theory.

The combination of culture and nature is the unique concept of this tourist spot. Enjoying the natural beauty of Malang with a blend of exotic culture provides an experience. Different tours. You will be addicted and want to come here again


2. Coban Putri

This newest tourist spot in Malang also offers a variety of super interesting selfie spots. The background of your shots will also be very social media. The palm-shaped selfie spot is the most recommended spot.

While selfie while enjoying the beauty of the waterfall is a tourist activity that will be very fun. You will be reluctant to leave this place because the natural scenery of Malang is getting cooler. Don’t miss the train.


3. Coban Watu Ondo

The name Coban means waterfall. Yes, Coban Watu Ondo is a waterfall tour. The atmosphere is already in your mind right. The sound of splashing waterfalls plus the sound of birds will be very pleasant.

All things about busyness in the city will just disappear. The only thing that comes to mind is how to spend smartphone memory in many selfie spots. There are various models of selfie spots that are guaranteed to be super cool and you really are.


4. Hawaii Waterpark

Who says in Malang there are no water attractions. Donk. This is a tsunami water tour in Malang. Take your nephews, students, or children there. Add fun to them by playing in the water at the Hawaii Waterpark.

One of the water attractions in Malang and indeed the newest place is the Hawaii Waterpark.

Guaranteed you won’t regret bringing your sister, child, student, or nephew here, because it’s not just swimming that they can do.

Playing tsunami water is a very unique thing here. When children swim, they will be hit by the waves and the waves of the pool water. Just imagine it’s been fun.


5. Asmoro Bay Beach

Malang also has a beach too, you know. Not inferior to other cities. To be precise, this beach is in the South Malang area. This beach is classified as a new beach with a very beautiful view.

There are not many facilities here, but you will still feel comfortable. You will feel that you are in the wild. You can enjoy the beauty of the bay that surrounds the beach, can swim, sunbathe, and many other beach activities.

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6. Jodipan and Tridi Kampung Villages

This tourist spot is not only cheap, but free. This place is a very interesting village area to visit. Everything in this village deserves to be the center of attention.

Rows of colorful houses are the main attraction. Unlike the house in general, where only one or two colors are used.

The houses in Jodipan Village use dozens of colors in one house. The walls of the house are decorated with colorful pictures and other accessories.

You have to take full advantage of the smartphone camera, then the result will be like a painting.

Not a selfie that you will get. This colorful photo background will make the selfie image quality to the maximum.


7. Sumber Sirah Baths

You will feel like enjoying snorkelling, because you don’t do it in the sea but in a natural pool.

This natural pool is very beautiful with very clear water so it is used as a bath. Sumber Sirah is a name that you must write in your boom tour listing in Malang.

All visitors will not be charged a penny to come to this Sumber Sirah Bath.

You can also play water while swimming by doing selfies under water. Tourist attractions in Malang this one is only in Malang.


8. Omah Kayu

Inspired by the bird house, this Omah Kayu tourist spot will give you a different sensation.

Especially if you actually spend the night at this inn, then you will feel like a bird, because the room we stayed in was perched on a pine tree.

Left and right only green you see. Interspersed with a golden yellow glow from the sun, because you really are staying in the middle of a pine forest. When else will you feel it if not in Malang.

Omah Kayu is made of full wood. There are no additional materials, so it really is like a bird house. The costs you incur when you come here:

Stay at a cost of Rp 250,000, – up to Rp 300,000, – per night.

Entrance tickets for recreational purposes only cost IDR 5,000. Guaranteed you will be satisfied.


9. Batu Bengkung Beach

Batu Bengkung Beach Tourism in Malang

Malang’s Bali beach is here. The beauty of waiting for the sunset is not a dream anymore. You will get a sunset that immediately sinks in front of the beach directly facing west. Guaranteed you will not regret coming here.

Batu Bengkungan is not an ordinary beach, because of the beauty of the cliffs that surround the beach. You can be satisfied to enjoy the clarity of the water, the habitation of coral reefs, and of course the beauty of the sunset. For only IDR 5,000, you can get a ticket to explore its beauty.


10. Coban Rondo’s Labyrinth Park

Who is not interested in this one tourist spot. The garden is made in such a way that it resembles a maze. You can take photos from above and the effect is that you are playing a maze.

The location of this tourist spot is in the same location as the famous Coban Rondo Waterfall. You can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and the garden. The entry ticket price is super cheap, which is Rp. 10,000, – you can be satisfied playing with your family here.


11. Malang Monument Square

Malang not only has a night market in the stone square, but also in the Tugu square. Tourist attractions in Malang, this one provides easy access for you, which can go directly to this place after getting off the train. This is a tourist sensation unlike any other.

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The beauty of this square is even better just walking distance from the station. The existence of a monument in the middle of the square further adds to the impression that a holiday in Malang is very fun. You just need to prepare my camera and run out of memory to take fun photos.


12. Flower Market

This is no ordinary market. You buy clothes and food here, but don’t do that if you are at the Flower Market. The location is near Malang station.

This Flower Market provides a variety of flowers. Can be used as an alternative souvenirs too. You can also get a cheap interest rate with the ability to bargain.

For flower fans, this tourist spot in Malang is highly recommended. You, for one, will be spoiled with thousands of species of flowers. If you don’t buy, then you can enjoy the excitement of the market that specifically makes this flower. The advantage is against.


13. Trunojoyo Park

This park is a kind of other city parks. The view is very good with fresh air support. This park can be visited immediately after leaving the Malang station.

Trunojoyo Park can also be said as a tourist place in the form of a place to rest. Many train passengers enter this park to just rest. But for you, don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of selfies in this park.


14. Malang Tempoe Doeloe Museum

As the name suggests, there must be a lot of historical objects in it. This is the educational tourist spot that you need, because you are not traveling alone. You usually bring your family, so you can give a real experience.

Moreover, there is information that follows each exhibition item. You can study on your own or ask the staff.

You can come to this place just by walking. This is because this one tourist spot is a tourist spot that is very close to Malang station.


15. Malang City Hall

If you want to travel, you don’t have to go to special tourist places, but Baia visits government places. One of them is Malang City Hall. This is where the mayor of Malang works.

There is a peculiarity of the Malang City Hall building which is the main attraction. Moreover, there is something unique, namely the availability of Malang City Tour buses to be chartered to many tourist attractions in Malang. But what is certain is that this bus will take you around Malang.

Malang City Hall is not only the center of government, but has been designated as the center of tourist attractions in Malang because the tour buses are here. This is proof of the government’s full concern for developing tourist attractions.


16. Duo Jatim Park

Previously, there was only one location in Malang Jatim Park, but now there are 2 locations in Jatim Park. You can choose whether you want to come to Jatim Park 1 or Jatim Park 2. Both are good and fun.

Jatim Park 1 is suitable for those of you who want fun entertainment, because there are many games there. The game rides are not ordinary rides, but very extraordinary rides. You’ll be impressed after trying it. Even if you haven’t tried them all, you will be disappointed. In total there are about 36 quality rides that are ready to entertain you and your family at this tourist spot in Malang

Jatim Park 2. This tour is a tourist vehicle that is visited by many children and students of all levels. This Jatim Park offers an outdoor learning center. You can learn many things here directly after you get the previous theory. The total rides in it are about 50 rides with various forms, ranging from museums, zoos, bird parks, and many others.

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The addresses of Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2 are different, but they are still in the same area, namely in Batu District. It’s just a different village. You don’t need to travel long distances if you visit from Jatim Park 1 to Jatim Park 2.


17. Stone Town Square

This is a tourist spot in Malang centered in the middle of Batu City. Crowded at night because of the lively night market. You can enjoy fireworks every night there while enjoying delicious Malang specialties.

Like a picnic with your family, you can sit on the mat while enjoying the beautiful sky of Batu City that blends with the flickering lights of the square. This tour is guaranteed to be the cheapest tour, but the cool thing is that it can’t be replaced with anything.


18. BNS or Batu Night Spectacular

In addition to Batu City square, night tours in Malang can also be done by visiting the Batu Night Spectacular. Like in Jatim Park, but in the night version.

Here you can enjoy many rides. There are amusement rides, game rides, to facilities like a hotel.

If you want culinary tours, there are shopping tours too. Guaranteed complete. The most romantic is sitting among thousands of lanterns. Wahana Lantern Garden is the name of one of the corners in BNS, a tourist spot in Malang.

In addition, what is most unique about this place is the existence of a show because it displays dozens of types of requests. Those of you who have never seen a carnival game, definitely don’t want to wink.


19. Coban Talun nature tourism area

A tour that is most awaited in Batu City, namely visiting natural tourist attractions. Most of the ones you visit are artificial tourist attractions, and it turns out that Batu City has a beautiful nature in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. This tour is in the rural area of ​​Tulungrejo, Bumiaji District.

The most unique thing about this tourist spot in Malang is the construction of camp tents. The white tents are attractive spots in the green forest of Coban Talun. The campsites built by these tents are also made per block, so they look like settlements.


20. Transport Museum

This is the color of tourism in Batu Malang City. The form of this museum is devoted to educational tours for visitors. You, for one, must acquire the knowledge that is available there. As the name implies, this museum contains various transportation collections.


The forms of cars, motorbikes, and ancestral vehicles are in this museum. You can see how it functions. You can also follow the development of the electric ider.

You will feel that you have entered the dimension of time in the past when you enter this museum, because there are many ancient modes of transportation lined up.

Not only that, modern modes of transportation are also available. You will be amazed by the development of transportation in Indonesia through the transportation collection in this museum.

The cold air of Malang is no longer a secret. However, by visiting tourist attractions in Malang, the fresh air of Malang is not only felt by the body, but also by the mind. Many tourist colors that can be visited.

You can also choose when to go on vacation and where to go. You can go to the museum, you can go to the waterfall, you can go to the beach, you can even go to the baths.

The choice of holiday destination in Malang is the right choice. Don’t regret it because you haven’t experienced the beauty of sports slots.

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