The Red Blood Beach at Panjin, China

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Usually the beach which we came has white sand. But a beach in Panjin, China is not so. As you will see, Pandalings, the beach there is red like blood.

The red color is not the color of the sand but it is the color of grass that grows around the coast. It was a strange sight and intriguing, right?

If you plan to go to the China, don’t forget to visit this beach. It’s a beautiful experience.


Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River delta, about 30 km southwest of the city of Panjin, China. As the name implies, this beach is red, even like the color of blood. The uniqueness of Red Beach, has been successful to attract tourist a  lot of attention. This beach had become one of the favorite locations travelers on vacation in China.

When we first arrived at Red Beach, many tourists are surprised by it is made. The color is red like blood every eye that sees, covering nearly 6,000 acres of land. Contrast with views of distant, when viewed more closely, it turns blood red color is more like a giant expanse of carpet. This comes from the grass growing on the outskirts of the coastal sea-grass blite, as written websites China Travel.

Apparently, the red color that covers the Red Beach you can not see at any time. This color you can only see when the autumn comes. At that time, the first green grass turned red. If you want to see it right away, avoid coming in April-May. At that time, the grass is not red, but green. Then, in the mud surrounding the beach, sea-grass will gradually change color.

September is the best time to enjoy this giant carpet. In it, the grass begins to change color to red light, and eventually cover the entire surface of the beach. From the wooden bridge, you can see beautiful scenery is more satisfied. Birds foraging among the thick grass to be the perfect sweetener.

There are about 236 species of birds that make this grass as habitat. Most birds on the beach there are gulls. Remove the view even further, there is a group of seals playing on the edge of the high seas. For photography lovers, do not miss the chance to watch this amazing sight. Take out your camera and capture every beautiful moment in this place. To reach the Red Beach from Beijing, the distance traveled about 550 km. No need to worry if you bring your own vehicle. There are plenty of parking space provided on The Unique Blood Red Beach at China.

Red Beach in Panjin is also one of the world’s most bizarre beaches, one of which is Papakolea Beach. If you’re there, this is one of the attractions you must visit.

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